another new adventure

A few months ago, I wrote about the freedom of unpredictability as it related to my still relatively new law practice. And now, I am embracing that freedom once again as God takes me into yet another new adventure. I am very excited to announce that on January 7, 2019, I will be starting a new job as the Legislative Liaison for Frisco Independent School District. As a result, I am currently in the process of shutting down the law practice that I have spent the past 14 months building.

Sure, working for someone else provides a lot more stability, and that is certainly a plus, but taking this job is still an example of resting in God’s plan for my life rather than trying to order my own steps. I was not actively job hunting and fully expected to be spending my 2019 trying to find a way to keep growing my practice. But over the past couple of months, I have felt a prompting to return to legislative work. When I first started feeling this pull, I was not sure how to respond. Most legislative jobs are in Austin, and I felt confident that God was not calling us to move to Austin. Yet, this prompting did not fade.

I started randomly searching for legislative jobs on a number of job sites. One night, as I was mindlessly scrolling through pages of irrelevant search results on LinkedIn, I cam across the Legislative Liaison position posted by Frisco ISD. I was shocked because I’ve never heard of a school district having a legislative job. As I read the job description, it became clear that this job was exactly what I had been wanting to do.

My new job is not technically a legal job, but I will still be maintaining my license to practice law, and my legal background will be a huge asset.

I applied for the job that night and then spent the next week bugging my wife about how excited and nervous I was waiting and hoping for an interview. About a week later, the day the job posting was set to close, I got a call to come in for an interview two days later. Once again, I kept annoying my wife with my constant talk about the job, especially as she tried to manage both her own and my expectations about the job in case I did not get it.

On December 6, I went in for my interview with the Chief Communications Officer and felt like it went really well, though the interviewer was difficult to read. For about a week, I agonized over the job as I waited to hear something from the District. Finally, exactly a week after my interview, I got a call asking me to come in for a second interview, this time with the Superintendent. I took this as a really good sign and was very excited.

I went in for my second interview, and again felt the meeting went well. However, once again I struggled to get a good read from the interview. Fortunately, this time they told me I’d only have to wait two days to get an answer. On December 21, I received a call offering me the position and I accepted the job on the spot.

One of my former high school teachers, Angela Paxton, was elected as the State Senator for Senate District 8 which covers, in part, Frisco. I am so excited to work with her this next session!

 In less than a month, God had taken me from fully committed to a law practice which He had guided me to build, to accepting a brand new position with an amazing school district. Now, I am excited to take on the new challenge of shaping a new role within Frisco ISD to help best serve the district and advocate for strong public education in Texas.

That does not mean this process has been without question marks. As unpredictable as a new small business is, there is a certain amount of comfort associated with the fact that I am answerable only to myself and knowing that for the past year I have been getting better and better at what I have been doing. In my job for Frisco ISD, I will be accountable to my boss, the Superintendent, and ultimately the School Board. In addition, because the job is essentially the first of its kind, there is a lot of uncertainty with what the role will ultimately end up being. I’m also giving up much of the flexibility that comes with working for oneself.

Still, just as I have trusted God that He was ordering my steps for the past year, I am trusting Him in this as well. Both that He has guided me to this position, and that He will continue to guide me as I work to shape this role into what the District needs.

I have loved being on Frisco Square in downtown Frisco and will definitely miss my office.

It is difficult leaving behind my practice. I had to tell all my clients that I would be moving on and that I would not be available to do future work for them, which was certainly difficult. And I will be forever grateful that when Kristina had her miscarriage, I was able to essentially take two weeks off to spend time grieving with her. But I am truly so excited to be getting back into legislative work and am excited about the opportunity to make a positive impact for Texas students. I can’t wait to see where God takes me next.

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