why i blog

When I first started this blog, I was grappling with some difficult emotions (see my post: not a normal birthday). I was struggling to process how I was feeling and it was difficult to talk to anyone about it because I wasn’t exactly sure what was wrong. I am usually very open about my feelings with those close to me, including my wife, my parents, and my best friends. However, I found myself wondering how anyone could understand what I was feeling if I didn’t really understand what I was feeling. So I decided to sit down and just write, in a sort of stream-of-conciousness kind of way and see what I came up with. My first post here was the result and I realized that writing helps me to focus my thoughts and process my feelings in a way that simply talking never has.

Some of my wonderful family who came around us the day we found out that we had lost our first pregnancy to miscarriage

So originally, I thought my blog would be a place where I could express myself through writing so that I would better understand the crazy emotional ride that is preparing for and then raising a new baby. And in a lot of ways, it still is. But as I wrote that first post, and then the second, I realized that one of the ways I respond to my emotions is by seeking out the truth that God has revealed to us in His word.

I shared with some of my friends recently that I have never been particularly good or consistent in my individual study of the Bible. It is one area of my spiritual life in which I have sought growth for many years without ever feeling like I made much progress. But God has also taught me recently that the best way to grow spiritually is to spend time doing things that stir our affections for Him. For me, writing about how God has worked in my life does that. Now, as I sit down to write about what I am going through and how God has made Himself known in my circumstances, I find myself turning to the Bible as confirmation that what I perceive as God working in my life is indeed fulfillment of the promises that He has made to us.

One of my favorite pictures with my wife, who is my favorite person in the world and already such an amazing mother to our unborn baby

And that is why I’ve decided to continue this blog. Not because I hope I will end up with hundreds of readers, but rather because in reflecting on my response to the craziness of life, I have found something that triggers a thirst for knowledge and understanding of God’s word. Of course, writing publicly allows me to share that journey with others in the hopes that God will teach them something as well, and so I would love it if you would join me as I navigate this new season of my life and learn to rest in God’s faithfulness.